Who is DJK?

Dr. Jerry Kennedy is a health and fitness expert that specializes in the non-drug treatment of neck pain and back pain. He is the creator of both the Back Pain UnPlugged and Neck Pain UnPlugged home treatment systems.

DJK has hosted his own local radio show and podcast. He is an author, speaker, health explorer, real food advocate, proud dad of 3 beautiful kids, pursuer of excellence and a Jedi Knight. (OK…that last one might have been made up.) 

Treatments for Pain: There are countless treatments available when trying to reduce your pain.  Some of these treatments require the assistance of a licensed professional and others can be done on your own, at home.  Find out more here.

 Where is the Pain?: Want to learn more about your pain or condition?  We information available on over 25 different pain conditions including Arthritis, Whiplash, Trigger Points, Herniated disc, Pinched nerves and Stenosis. Find out more here.

Note From DJK

"Hi, my name is Dr. Jerry Kennedy.  By the time I was 17 years old, I was already dealing with constant pain.  My back hurt.  My neck hurt.  And like most people,  I looked to the medical profession for answers.  But through my own recovery, I started to discover that feeling great and being healthy had very little to do with my doctors and therapists and that the biggest determining factor was ME!

Fed Up!

Ultimately, I decided to become a Chiropractor so I could help people in the same situation that I had found myself in.  But after only a few years in practice, I got fed up watching patients struggle with their pain over and over again because they simply had no idea how their body works.  I saw that it was the patients who knew what to do OUTSIDE of the doctors office were the ones who were feeling better faster, enjoyed long term pain relief and needed the least amount of treatment from me (or any other doctor for that matter).

DJK Online

So I decided to do something about it and I started DrJerryKennedy.com.  My hope was to create a resource designed to teach people who are in pain how to understand how their body works and give them simple and effective ways to feel great, improve their health and kick butt!  And I wanted to do so without asking people to add a bunch of expensive, time consuming doctors visits or dangerous pills.  Ultimately, your body is designed to be healthy and well.  It wants to both feel and function great.  You just have to know what to do, and that's why I am here to help." - DJK