good posture

Good Posture = Upright and Relaxed

The DJK Show Episode 33:  Posture is one of those things that is much more important than the average person realizes. And it’s not just chiropractors who are saying that. Just google the benefits of posture and you will likely be shocked at what you find. Fat and Old But the average person is far…

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sciatica stretch2.008

A Simple Stretch for Sciatica Relief

Sciatica can be such a pain in the butt! (See what I did there?) Sciatica pain can be on one side of your body or both. It can be isolated to the glute area or it can go all the way down the leg. Regardless…it’s NO FUN! Now there are a lot of different causes of…

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social health

9 Ways to Improve Your Social Health

I’ve always loved the World Health Organization’s definition of health. They define it as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It’s such a great definition because it highlights the fact that health is about the quality of your life, not just waking up…

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eliminating sugar.005

18 Simple Tips for Eliminating Sugar

About 4 years ago someone asked me if I would be willing to do a “sugar fast.” Basically all I had to do was cut out sugar from my diet for 21 days. Sure! I can do that. After all…I don’t eat a lot of sugar.  Or so I thought. Turns out I was wrong.…

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as a man thinks

Are You Heading in the Right Direction?

So maybe you have started your journey. Maybe you are on your way to losing weight or getting out of pain. Maybe you have UnPlugged from the noise and have started changing some of your habits. But how do you know if you are heading in the right direction? How do you know if you…

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Bak Pain Tooth Brush

Your Toothbrush and Back Pain

Did you know that the secret to your back pain (or neck pain) relief is only as far away as your bathroom? I know it sounds strange but your toothbrush could very well hold the secret to getting out of pain and staying out of pain for life.  Let me explain. A toothbrush is something…

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Health Confussion

Taking Care of Yourself Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that if you give me too many choices I just get overwhelmed.  Almost like when you go to your favorite restaurant and they give you their menu that looks like the food version of War and Peace.  WAY TOO COMPLICATED! Health and fitness are…

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who's fault is it?

You Have to Keep Going Back – Is it the Chiropractor’s Fault?

After spending 9 years in private practice, I’ve heard just about every bad thing that has every been said about chiropractors.  Sadly…a lot of it is true. Bad Rep… Now maybe not with each individual doctor.  There are definitely are some good ones out there, but as a profession…let’s just say we need some work.…

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Could This Be Why You Are Sick?

I’m not a WHY? person.  I believe in cause and effect.  I don’t think there is some bizarre mystical explanation behind most things that happen.  Most things (good and bad) are simply the biproduct of either my choices or the choices of those around me.  And for me, the subject of health is no exception.…

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Beware of Experts

Seems like everyone is an “Expert” these days.  No matter what field of expertise you are in, someone has an expert opinion and they are more than willing to share with you.  Now there’s an old wise saying…on maybe it was an ancient chinese proverb…or maybe it was just something we used to say when…

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