Spinal Curves – A Back Like a Banana

Did you know that your spine and a banana have something in common?  They are both supposed to be curved.  And its the curves of your spine that help soften the bumps of everyday life and allow you to have healthy back for your entire life. But the combination of spinal misalignment and bad habits,…

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Decrease Back Pain while Standing

We often misunderstand the connection between different parts of our body.  Take back pain for instance…when our back hurts, we pay a lot of attention to the area in pain but often ignore the rest. Because most of us have the desire to stand upright, there is a connection between our back and the rest…

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Warrior Mentality vs Victim Mentality

I want to encourage you to become a Warrior when it comes to your health. Our world is quick to blame genes, age, McDonald’s and EVERYTHING else when we find ourselves sick, but that’s just a cop-out. That’s a Victim’s mentality. The Truth is…You are in control. Genes DO NOT predestine your health. Getting Older and Being Lazy…

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