3 Ways to Save Time at the Gym

Here’s the deal…I’m not a gym rat.  I love being in great shape but I don’t have a ton of extra time to spend in the gym and frankly I don’t enjoy being in the gym for an hour or two at a time.  So when I go to the gym I want to get a great workout in as short of time as possible.  That makes figuring out ways to save time at the gym very important to me.

Done already?

Typically, my goal is to get a great workout in 25-30 minutes.  I’m 100% sure that for most my fellow gym regulars, this is not a shared goal.  The people that are at the gym when I get there are usually still there when I leave.  I even get the frequent “Is that it?” or “Done already?” from the staff as I’m walking out the door.  But in spite of what you may think…a quality workout is more about what you do while at the gym and much less about how much time you spend there.

So here are a few tips that will help you get a great workout without spending more time in the gym.

3 Simple Ways to Save Time at the Gym:

1.)  Keep Moving:  A big time-waster at the gym is only doing one exercise at a time.  If you are planning on doing 6-8 different exercises, bundle 3-4 of them together and cycle through.  So instead of doing 1 set and waiting to recover, quickly go from one exercise to the other until you are done with all 3 or 4 then do it again until you have completed as many sets as you want.  This will cut way down on your recovery time between sets and give you a much better workout.

2.) Do Complex Exercises:  Weight training is great, but one of the big mistakes people do is isolation exercises.  For whatever reason, people love using weight machines.  Now I’m not saying they are bad, but they typically isolate muscles and that’t not good if you are looking to have an efficient workout.  It’s always best to use cables or free-weights so you use multiple muscle groups at once.  Also, if you can do an exercise standing vs sitting, standing is always better.  If you want to get a great workout quick, it’s crucially important to always try to do exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once.  It’s a great time saver.

 3.)  STOP the Chit-Chat!:  HOLY MOLY!  Why do people spend so much time talking at the gym?  Now I say that as an admitted talk-a-holic.  But when I go to the gym, I’m there to workout.  So if you really want to get the benefits of working on a regular basis, but you don’t think you have enough time, the answer may be a simple 3 step process: put in some ear buds, stop the chit-chat and get to work!