Finding the Perfect Pillow

Everyone is always asking me what’s the perfect pillow.  The short answer is, there is NO PERFECT Pillow for everyone.  But there can be a perfect pillow for you.

Now a lot of doctors and therapists have their pet pillows…I don’t mean they have pillows as actual pets.  They just fall in love with a certain pillow and tell everyone that it’s the best things since sliced bread.  But the truth is that it’s very important to understand what makes up a perfect pillow instead of getting stuck on any one brand.

Here are a few quick tips for finding the perfect pillow…

  • Cheap Pillows:  Cheap pillows are exactly that…cheap.  It doesn’t mean you can’t make them work (I still use cheap pillows at times).  But if you run to Target or Walmart and grab a pillow off the shelf…well…you get what you pay for so don’t expect more.
  • Expensive Pillows:  First thing is this…$50-75 is NOT an expensive pillow.  It’s not a cheap pillow but considering how much time you spend sleeping…it’s a good investment if you find a good one.  Second thing…an expensive pillow ($100+) doesn’t mean it is going to fit you better than a cheap or moderately priced one.  Find a pillow that fits your needs, then worry about the price.  Not the other way around.
  • Stomach Sleeping:  Don’t Do It!…it’s bad and all you are doing is messing up your neck.  Enough about that.
  • Sleeping Position:  Side and back sleeping are both OK.  Whichever you prefer is up to you.
  • Pillow Size:  You want to lay in a neutral position.  A good rule of thumb is If you don’t want to look like that standing up, don’t sleep like that lying down.  Many companies that sell pillows in that $50-75 range will offer different sizes for different people.  Take advantage of that.  Too big or too small will strain your neck and ultimately cause you pain in the morning.