Get Your Mind Right – The Power of Thoughts

I’m not a fluffy person.  I don’t look in the mirror every day and tell myself how special I am and how much people like me.  I don’t try to tell myself I own a Ferrari, assuming that will get me ANY closer to actually owning a Ferrari (Which I don’t have NOR do I want.).

With that said…it’s impossible to avoid the importance of thoughts.  Thoughts are the seeds of actions.  I haven’t ever done anything without thinking about it first (Except for that time I slammed my face on the solid sheet of ice I was trying to snowboard down…it happened so fast, I didn’t have time to think about it.).  

Just a Grave…

Years ago I heard someone say something that applies…he said “A rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out.”  But how often do we allow ourselves to get in an emotional rut but don’t fight with all of our might to get out?  We like our funks.  We like to complain.  We like to blame someone else.  But if someone threw you in a grave, what kind of effort would you put into getting out?  Would you just sit there and complain or would you scratch, claw, jump, scream and climb until you either couldn’t do it any more or you got out?

So what are you thinking about?  

What are you allowing your mind to dwell on?  What do you tell yourself about your circumstances?  Are you guarding your mind?  Do you protect it or do you just let any ol’ thing get in?

You would never just let anyone into your home.  You would never just eat, drink or smoke any ol’ thing someone put in front of you.  You wouldn’t just let anyone hang out with your kids.  You are so careful and picky about the things you bring into your home, your family and your body but yet you put little thought into what you allow into your mind.

It’s time to change that.

A couple ways to get your mind right…

  • Stop Watching the News – it’s complete mental filth…enough said.
  • Listen to Music – there’s some great songs out there.  Here’s a fun one, I like called “Good to Be Alive.”
  • Read a Good Book – there are a lot of inspiring books out there.  Stories of people who have overcome struggles, autobiographies of famous people came from nothing, self-help books, etc.  Just pick something positive.
  • Videos – There are tons of random inspiring videos online.  Youtube is a great place to find videos, speeches and a variety of other inspiring stories.  Here’s a good one.
  • Surround yourself with GREAT people – this one may be last but it is far from least.  If you truly want to get your mind right, you may have to fire some of your friends…maybe ALL of your friends.  There are some AWESOME people in this world that will inspire you and make you feel like you can do anything when you are around them.  Find them.  Soak them up.  Catch whatever they’ve got.  Pretty soon, you will be thinking just like they think and seeing the world through brand new eyes…better eyes.