Glucosamine for Joint Pain Relief

We know that glucosamine is beneficial for joint repair.  So much so that even medical doctors recommend it and they RARELY recommend supplements.  There are so many former athletes with beat-up painful joints or non-athletes with arthritis and joint pain are benefiting from the amazing joint repairing ability of glucosamine.  But before you go run out to Walmart and grab the first joint supplement you see, there are a couple things you should know.

1. Glucosamine is not like aspirin or ibuprofen.  It’s NOT a drug.  It’s a nutritional supplement for repairing and rebuilding your damaged joints.  So it takes time.  Now this doesn’t mean you take it for 10 years without noticing things.  Some people do that and I have always thought it was strange.  At that point it should be pretty obvious…it’s NOT WORKING!

Anyway…back to glucosamine.  As a general rule you want to allow 60-90 days before you make any judgement calls on how well you are benefiting from it.  There are always those lucky ones who will notice a difference in a much shorter timeframe, but I would recommend being in for the long haul.  Give it 60-90 days.

2. Glucosamine often just Fancies up your pee.  (NO ONE needs FANCY PEE!)  What I mean by that is this…the most important thing about ALL supplements is that you absorb them.  It doesn’t matter how cheap it is or how much is in each serving if you aren’t absorbing it.  Glucosamine is great but it’s very prone to malabsorption.  So it’s extremely important to get a quality supplement from a reputable company.

Who should take Glucosamine?  Great questions.  Ultimately it’s going to be people who have joint pain, arthritis or a history of arthritis in their family.  Here is a short list of likely candidates to give you an idea.

  • Current/Former Athletes
  • Active Adults
  • Senior Citizens
  • People with spinal arthritis or degenerative disc disease
  • Chiropractic patients
  • People who have pain with weather changes

Final Word – I’m not dogmatic about supplements.  I recommend you start with a quality supplement that you know comes from a quality company.  But ultimately you have to listen to your body.  If you take a glucosamine supplement for 90 days and don’t notice any benefit, DON’T GIVE UP!  Try a different glucosamine supplement from a different company.  You may have to try a few different ones to find one that your body agrees with.

Good Luck.