A Simple Stretch for Sciatica Relief

Sciatica can be such a pain in the butt! (See what I did there?) Sciatica pain can be on one side of your body or both. It can be isolated to the glute area or it can go all the way down the leg. Regardless…it’s NO FUN!

Now there are a lot of different causes of sciatica. The nasty stuff involves things like Herniated Disc and Spinal Stenosis. The less nasty stuff could be Trigger Points, Piriformis Syndrome or Subluxation.

Regardless of what is causing your sciatica, stretching is often helpful. In some cases, the right stretch for sciatica will completely eliminate your pain. Pretty sweet!

Below is a great stretch for sciatica pain. It’s one of my favorites. I call it the Seated Figure 4. Typically you would do it on the side you are having sciatica pain. Obviously, if you are having pain on both sides, stretch both.

sciatica stretch.007

Seated Figure 4 on Sciatica Side

Start:  Sit in a chair with one foot on the floor and the sciatica side leg crossed over your knee. 

Finish: Bend at the waist over the bent knee.  Stay tall through your spine by reaching out in front as you bend.

Duration: 3 sets. 10-15 second hold.