The Neck Pain Cure

Common Neck Painneck pain cure

Neck pain is really common.  It’s so common that we even use the expression “Pain in the Neck” when we describe our every day problems.  It turns out 2/3 of people get neck pain at some point in their life.

But common doesn’t equal normal.  A lot of people think that neck pain, stiffness and/or pain across the shoulder blades is just a part of life.    It’s stress!  But that simply isn’t true.

What People Do When Neck Pain Gets Bad

Most people ignore mild neck pain and stiffness.  If it gets bad, they will often start looking for some sort of over the counter solutions.  The more medically minded will try aspirin, Advil or maybe ibuprofen.  The more conservative/holistic minded will try things like hot packs, ice, natural pain relief gels, traction or maybe massage.

When neck pain gets really bad, that’s when most people will start looking to doctors and therapists for help.  That could be a medical doctor, an orthopedist, a chiropractor, massage therapist or a physical therapist.  Results vary from no benefit to full benefit (ie pain free).

When it comes to stuff like neck pain, the problem with doctors and therapists is that they are paid to treat the symptoms.  They are not paid to educate you about the cause.  Some doctors and therapists are so locked in on the symptoms that they themselves don’t understand the real cause or your pain.  And unfortunately, those who do understand it, often don’t have the time (or take the time) to really teach you the stuff you need to know.

The Neck Pain Cure

There is actually a very simple neck pain cure.  It doesn’t involve drugs or surgery and it has a 100% success rate.  This cure will not only rid you of your current pain, but it will prevent future pains as well.

Sound too good to be true?  Wondering what it is?

The neck pain cure is a Healthy Neck!  WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! (Mind Blown)  I know that sounds really simple, but hear me out.  We get focused so much on the symptoms.  We try to treat the disease…fight the MONSTER!  Rid the body of pain!  But that’s really the wrong approach all together.  You can never fight hard enough or long enough to eliminate pain if you never address the cause.

You see…if you improve the health of your neck,  your neck pain will go away.  It is like a side-effect…a positive one.  Proper alignment, balanced muscles, good cervical curve and excellent posture are all things you find in a healthy neck.  You will NEVER ever find someone who has chronic neck pain who doesn’t have a problem one (usually more) of those areas.

So if you find yourself struggling with chronic neck pain, likely your approach is off.  You are probably spending too much time attacking the symptom and not enough time developing a healthy neck.  Change your focus and you’ll be surprised the amount of progress you can make.  You’ll be glad you did.