Your Toothbrush and Back Pain

Did you know that the secret to your back pain (or neck pain) relief is only as far away as your bathroom? I know it sounds strange but your toothbrush could very well hold the secret to getting out of pain and staying out of pain for life.  Let me explain.

A toothbrush is something that most of us use every day. At least once per day. It doesn’t take the place of a dentist, but it is the primary tool that helps you maintain strong, healthy teeth for life. It’s pretty important.

But it wasn’t that long ago where daily dental hygiene was not so commonplace. Toothbrushes weren’t widely available or used and the modern nylon bristle toothbrush wasn’t even around until the 1930’s. So the average person just assumed that a normal part of aging was to have bad teeth. Eventually, they are just going to start to look bad and fall out.

Now, we know that line of thinking isn’t true. We know if you take care of your teeth, they can be healthy and strong for life. But if we look at today’s world, the thought process is almost identical. No…not for teeth, but for back pain and neck pain.

Most people who suffer from back pain just accept it. It’s just a normal part of life…or at least their life. “I have a bad back” is what they will announce to anyone and everyone who will listen. And I’m not judging. When I was 17 years old, I couldn’t walk around the mall without sitting to take a break because of my back pain. And I thought it was normal…at 17!! But is that really the case?

Absolutely NOT! But in order to rid yourself of back pain, you have to take care of your back…daily…just like brushing your teeth. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go to the chiropractor every day…or week…or even month. But the activities of 21st-century life have a tendency to create imbalances and bad posture. These imbalances will cause stress. The stress will cause weakness. Weakness leads to injury. Injuries hurt!

So if you want to rid yourself of back pain, you have to identify and correct the imbalances that are causing the problem. You have to do stretches and exercises that are designed to correct those imbalances. And it only takes a few minutes per day, just like brushing your teeth.