5.5 Reasons to be a Healthy Dad (or Mom)

It’s all about the Kiddos…

For many people, that “deeper why” is your kids.  If it’s not…maybe it should be.  I have 3 beautiful kids myself and for any of you who know me at all, one thing is clear…I LOVE MY KIDDOS.  I would do anything for them…and that includes staying healthy.

Healthy Nut?

Now, I know what you are thinking.  You think it’s easy for me because I’m a health nut…HAHAHA…but that’s not true at all.  It’s not easy and I’m not a health nut (but I look forward to being someday).  I was raised on junk food just like most Americans and I love junk food (just like most Americans).  But unlike animals, humans have the ability to go against their urges and make the decision to do something different…something better.  It’s one of those things that make us uniquely human.  You don’t have to eat a box of HO-HO’s just because they are deeeee…(wait for it)…licious! But in order to put down the box of Ho-Ho’s and pick up a vegetable or piece of fruit, you have to have a reason to do so other than taste.  Because on taste alone…the Ho-Ho’s win every time.  I don’t care what the health nuts say.  This brings us back to the kiddos.  If you are a parent, they are reason enough to hold yourself to a higher standard, to clean up your eating, to hold yourself to a higher standard, to get healthy and stay healthy.

5.5 Reasons to be a Healthy Dad (or Mom)

  • 1.) They Need you Around: Most diseases and things that are most likely to kill you (heart disease, cancer, etc) are preventable. They are "Lifestyle diseases." Don't choose to live a lifestyle that is going to rob your kids of their parents. My father and Uncle are both in their 60's and when my 94 year-old grandma passed this summer....they were crushed. No matter the age, EVERY kids need their parents around...don't live in a way that shortens that, not even for a minute.
  • 2.) You Need the Energy: I love my parents very much. My earliest memories of my father are about visiting him in the hospital. My dad was undergoing chemotherapy at the ripe old age of 32 and although he is still alive, that health crisis took something from him. My dad was always tired and it was very difficult for him to keep up with my brother and I (we were a hand full...maybe two hands full). Like I said...I have 3 munchkins. I know. If you are going to really be involved in their lives, you need to stay healthy. You're going to need all the energy you can get.
  • 3.) They Look Up to You: My 4 year old son, Knox, is the one of my kids who does this the most. He ALWAYS tells me how much he wants to be like me when he grows up. Honestly, there are plenty of times that the thought makes me cringe. I want better for him. I want him to set his goals a lot higher. But for now...I'm the mark he's shooting for, so I need to raise my game as high as possible. Be everything I can be. I want to give him something worth shooting for.
  • 4.) You will give them an Excuse: Our society likes to blame genes...genetics...family history. Even our health care providers do it...A LOT!  I think that's total crap! If your parents had taken care of themselves like they should have, you wouldn't have them to blame for your health. It's just an excuse. I understand that your family history plays a roll in your health, but your family health history is not a crutch. Stop using it as one for yourself and DON'T give your kids that crutch either. They deserve better.
  • 5.) You will be Happier: I have a confession. Most of the time I have been a parent, I have been overweight and out of shape. I was fat, tired, stressed, winded, unhappy and uninspired. I was living as "Fat Jerry" and he's a preeeeetty crabby dude. Something finally clicked inside of me and I got my act together. Fat, cranky dad is gone and my kids like that.
  • 5.5) You Deserve Better: I know this is about the kids (sort of) but the bottom line is...you deserve better. YOU DO! You only have one life. You only have one body. Start treating yourself with the respect that you deserves. It won't take long and you will start loving what you see, loving how you feel and become the person you were always meant to be.