ATTN Neck Pain Sufferers:  Dr. Jerry Kennedy reveals...

"The 3 Big Mistakes that are Making your Neck Pain Worse"

And what you can do at home, on your own, to get out of pain

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Hey Guys, Dr. Jerry Kennedy here... 

If you are listening to this (or watching it since we have the cameras on today) and ever find yourself dealing with neck pain or that tightness that runs down the back of your neck into your shoulders...I have some really great tips that will help you understand what’s going on and what you can do about it. 

So you are going to want to stick around.  

 For those of you who don’t know me,  I’m the host of on online radio show called The Dr. Jerry Kennedy Show.  And I was also practicing chiropractor for 9 years where I specialized in treating neck pain patients.  

But one of the most frustrating things about practice was watching my patients visit my office so frequently because they didn’t know what they could do at home to help themselves out. 

Ultimately I created Neck Pain UnPlugged - a simple to use, neck pain treatment program that can be done from home that will help neck pain sufferers reduce their pain and drastically reduce or eliminate their need for neck pain treatment.  

 You see...although 70% of people experience neck pain, most people don’t have to suffer with chronic neck pain.

The problem is that the average neck pain sufferer is committing one or more big mistakes that may not seem like a big deal but are ultimately keeping them in pain. From my experience, there are 3 of these big mistakes that neck pain sufferers commonly make.  And if you are doing even one of them, it’s going to be difficult to get long term neck pain relief.

So what are the 3 Big Mistakes that are keep them from ever getting long term, neck pain relief?

I will tell you...

But before I go any further,I think it’s important to note...

I’m a former neck pain sufferer

So I not only know about neck pain relief as a treating physician, but also as a patient.  That gives me some pretty unique insight into the topic of neck pain and neck pain relief.

I became a chiropractor because I had some really bad back pain, neck pain and headaches.

I couldn’t even walk around the mall when I was 17 without sitting down and taking a break.  I even had an episode when I was a chiropractic student and was regularly getting chiropractic care that had me in so much pain that I found myself on the floor of a public bathroom, unable to get up.

 Now as terrible as that whole bathroom experience was,  it the made me start to question everything that I thought I knew.  Why was this happening to me even though I was regularly going to the chiropractor?  And at the time, I was only 22 years old.  How bad was my pain going to be at 42 or 62 if I didn’t get this figured out?


So I dug deep into biomechanics and tried to understand how my body works. 

That’s when I started to understand some of the mistakes I was making.  I was making the same mistakes that I saw my patients make when I was in practice.  And when I started correcting those mistakes, I started getting long term pain relief for the first time and I no longer needed frequent chiropractic adjustments to feel good.


So what were the 3 big mistakes made by most neck pain sufferers?

1. Relying Exclusively on your Doctor or Therapist
2. Using a Generic set of Neck Stretches/Exercises
3. Stretching Both Sides Equally

So let’s talk about each of these...

1. Relying exclusively on your doctor or therapists

Now calling this a mistake may sounds strange coming from someone who got paid for 9 years to treat neck pain patients, but it’s the truth.

Most neck pain sufferers don’t know what to do at home, on their own, to help their neck pain they find themselves either doing nothing, self medicating or going to appointment after appointment for treatment.

Relying solely on your doctor or therapist for neck pain relief is basically like choosing to go to the dentist more so you don’t have to bother with brushing and flossing at home.  It doesn’t make any sense, but in the neck pain’s pretty normal to rely exclusively on the doctor or therapists.  That’s a huge mistake.

2. Using a generic set of neck stretches and exercises

Trust me...there is no shortage of generic neck stretches and exercises.  Just google’ll find at least 1000 different ones.  And often it’s your doctor or therapists who give you the generic list of neck stretches and exercises that you are using.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  They have the little pencil sketches of a person doing neck stretches.  Now it’s not that the neck stretches were bad.  The problem is that each individual with neck pain is unique.

You don’t need 1000 generic neck stretches and exercises, you need 2 or 3 that are specific to YOU

3. Stretching both sides equally

Sadly...this piece of bad advice is still given every day.  Doctors and therapists tell their patients all the time to, “Make sure you stretch both sides equally.”  On the surface, this makes perfect sense.  You want the right side of your body to match the left side.  The front should match the back.  But there’s a problem.  In our modern world, your job, daily activities, and even the hobbies that you love teach your body to hunch forward or cause you to use the muscles on one side of our body more than the other.

This creates a problem called body imbalance 

These body imbalances are very common in neck pain sufferers and are often the underlying cause of neck pain.  So if your body isn’t balanced to begin with and you are stretching both sides equally, you aren’t helping anything.  You are just stretching to stretch.

So here’s the Bad News...

If you are doing even one of these 3 Big Mistakes, it is almost impossible for you to get the long term neck pain relief that you want 

Have you ever wondered why your neck pain keeps coming back? 

Why that tightness in your shoulders just won’t go away? 

Or why some mornings you wake up feeling like you were in a car accident in the middle of the night? 

So I decided enough is enough.  

And I created Neck Pain UnPlugged: a complete, neck pain relief program that can be done from the comfort of your own home. 



It’s so simple that anyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes per day

Neck Pain UnPlugged will help you discover the underlying causes of your neck pain and show you exactly what to do about it.  No more generic stretches and exercises.  No more “stretching both sides equally.”  It will help you drastically reduce or eliminate your need to go to the doctor or therapists.  And you can finally get the long term neck pain relief that you deserve.

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The crazy thing…
it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is.  If you are a neck pain sufferer,
Neck Pain UnPlugged will…

 Help you understand the underlying cause of your neck pain

Give you simple to follow steps for improving your pain

Drastically reduce or eliminate your need for treatment
(saving you time and $)

Give you the long term neck pain relief that you want

Help you get your life back

Now before I tell you more about Neck Pain UnPlugged...

I need to clarify something that’s very important.

Neck Pain Unplugged is NOT for everyone.

For example:

If you absolutely love going to your doctor every week for treatment...

If you are looking for a quick fix and are not interested in correcting the cause of your neck pain...

OR if you are unwilling to put a few minutes of work in each day to get out of pain...

Neck Pain UnPlugged is NOT for you.

I’m not going to lie to you.  Neck Pain UnPlugged does work, but it ONLY works as well as you do. 

It is not a magic pill.  It’s not a mindless gadget that you strap to your body while you are watching tv.  It’s a neck pain relief system that is safe, effective and completely customizable to your needs.  But if you’re content with the way things are right now or you are simply unwilling to put in a little work to decrease your pain, the Neck Pain UnPlugged system is simply NOT for you.

But for the rest of you...

Neck Pain UnPlugged is a simple-to-use, step-by-step system that is full of life changing benefits.

  • No More Questions:

    Finally understand the underlying cause of your neck pain

  • Super Simple:

    Learn simple to follow steps for improving your neck pain

  • Save Time and $:

    Drastically reduce or eliminate your need for dangerous medications and endless trips for treatment

  • Relief that Lasts:

    Changes that give you the long term neck pain relief that you deserve

  • Customized to YOU:

    No More generic stretches and exercises.  Everyone is different.  Only do what YOUR body needs to feel great.

  • Feel Great Again:

    Wake up feeling great.  Do the thing YOU want to do.  Get your life back!

And since everyone isn’t starting from the same place Neck Pain UnPlugged has different recommendations for beginners vs those who are ready to take on more.

And don’t worry...if you get sore or you pain increases temporarily...
there is a plan for that too.

So what does it cost for a neck pain relief program that was created by a neck pain specialist and tailored specifically for you?

That’s an excellent question!

In a world where prescriptions, over the counter medications, doctor visits, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, rehab, massage therapy and acupuncture are all used to treat neck pain and the cost can easily get into the thousands. 

Even with insurance coverage, it was NOT uncommon for one of my own patients to have to spend well over $1000 out of pocket paying for neck pain treatments.

And to make things worse...the cost for medical expenses is not going down.  It’s going up.  Ultimately it is going to cost you even more $ next year to get treatment than it does right now. 

You simply can’t afford to stay in pain any longer.

And if that wasn’t bad enough...If you are like most people, even after all that time and $ has been spent you’re still not much better off.  You are still dealing with constant or intermittent neck pain.


The Good News:  

Neck Pain UnPlugged doesn’t cost 1000s of dollars.

It doesn’t cost 100s of dollars.

Right now, You can get instant access to the complete Neck Pain UnPlugged system for Only $47!

That’s less than my patients paid for a 10 minute visit in my office.

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And that $47 includes...

  • NPU Quick Start Tutorial

    The Quick Start Tutorial is going to help you get results as quickly as possible and show you exactly how to get the most out of the Neck Pain UnPlugged system.

  • NPU Guide

    The NPU Guide is the workbook that gives you simple to follow instructions, tips, illustrations and recommendations.  It will help guide you to the best possible results.

  • Pain Reduction Strategies

    NPU provides simple pain reduction tips to help those who are in too much pain to start with the complete NPU system.

  • NPU Information Section

    We want you to feel better for the rest of your life.  The NPU information section will help you better understand how your body works, where neck pain comes from and equip you to handle problems now and in the future.

  • NPU Self-Assessment

    Probably the most important part of the NPU system.  The NPU Self-Assessment section will help you identify the underlying causes of your neck pain that are unique to you so you can create an action plan that is unique to your specific needs.

  • NPU Stretches/Exercises

    The NPU Stretches and Exercises section shows you the correct way to perform some very simple stretches and exercises that you will use to get out of pain once and for all.

  • NPU Action Plan

    The NPU Action Plan section brings it all together.  It shows you how to take your self-assessment and select the correct stretches and exercises for you.  It also gives some simple tips to guarantee your success.

And on top of all that - included in Neck Pain UnPlugged is 90 days of Unlimited Support.  If you are having any trouble getting started, I will be there to personally answer any of your questions.

So for this small, one-time investment of just $47! you will get the complete Neck Pain UnPlugged system and start getting lasting neck pain relief.  All without dangerous drugs and expensive trips to the doctor.

And there’s one more thing...

No-Brainer. No-Hassle. 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.  I’m going to take all the stress off you and place it squarely on my shoulders.  I’m doing to do something that Doctors NEVER do.  I’m going to give you a 100% money back guarantee!

I’m so confident that it will work for you, if at any point in the next 60 days you don’t feel like Neck Pain UnPlugged has exceeded your expectations and is helping you finally get the neck pain relief that you deserve…I will refund your money.  No questions asked.  No hassles.

This way there is no risk on your part so you can just focus getting out of pain.

Like I said...Neck Pain UnPlugged is not a magic pill and it’s NOT for everyone.  But if you are willing to do a little work, regardless of whether you are male or female, young or old, this simple system will help you drastically reduce or eliminate your neck pain.

So if you still reading this...

Neck Pain UnPlugged is for YOU!  You are obviously looking for an answer to your neck pain without having to rely on dangerous drugs and expensive doctors visits and you finally found it.

All you have to do now is Click on the “Add to Cart” button.
You will be taken to a secure checkout where you will complete your order and then get instant access to the complete Neck Pain UnPlugged system.  No waiting in lines.  No waiting something in the mail. 

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 You are just a few minutes away from accessing Neck Pain UnPlugged and starting your journey to long lasting neck pain relief. 

You deserve to finally get out of pain.  And I know you can do it. 

So Let’s Get Started!

No-Brainer. No-Hassle. 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.  I’m going to take all the stress off you and place it squarely on my shoulders.  I’m doing to do something that Doctors NEVER do.  I’m going to give you a 100% money back guarantee!

If at any point in the next 60 days you don’t feel like Neck Pain UnPlugged hasn’t exceeded your expectations and helping you finally get the neck pain relief that you deserve…I will refund your money.  No questions asked.

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