Stress is a Good Thing.

stressMost people deal with stress in some shape or form.  Stress is to blame for many of our most common health problems and it comes in a bunch of different shapes and sizes: Emotional stress, Mental stress, Physical stress, Chemical stress, etc, etc.

Who’s the Bad guy?  STRESS!

Like many things (ie Fat, Carbs, Calories, Cholesterol, etc), Stress is singled out as a MONSTER that must be destroyed!!  Stress is the bad guy.  But I’ve argued for years that that isn’t the case.  One of my Jerryisms is “When the body is pushed and it is balanced…it gets STRONGER.  But when the body is pushed and is out of balance it gets INJURED.”  Basically what I am saying is this…STRESS isn’t the bad guy.  It only breaks you down when you are unhealthy (or in this case unbalanced) to begin with.

Balance is Key

This is why a healthy diet, work/life balance, good posture and proper rest are really important if you want to be healthy and pain free.  Those are just some of the things that bring balance to your life so when you have stress added into the mix, you don’t break down…you get stronger.

What to do?

A lot of people get the stupid “try to decrease your stress” advice.  Who would hang on to more stress than they needed to?  So instead of making stress the MONSTER, start focusing on balance.  Bring balance to your life, diet, posture, body and you will find the stress just makes you stronger.  Let the stress build you up instead of tear you down.

Get to work!